Frequently Asked Questions


You Asked, We Answered

1. Is hypnosis safe? 


Yes, hypnosis is totally safe.You are in charge completely during hypnosis and can bring yourself out of hypnosis immediately if you feel unsafe. 

2. Will hypnosis make me act against my will?

No, you are totally in control during hypnosis. In fact, because hypnosis facilitates communication between the conscious mind (where our will is) and the subconscious mind (which guides our actions), you could say that hypnosis helps you act in accordance to your will..

3. Will I be unconscious during hypnosis?

No, you will be conscious, it's just a different kind of consciousness. You will remember everything that is important to remember and simply forget things that aren't. It's kind of like that conversation at lunch yesterday, you may remember the main themes, but not the exact words that were spoken.

4. I am very strong willed. Can I be hypnotized?

Generally speaking if you want to be hypnotized you can be. Use that strong will to follow the suggestions that you are given and you will be amazed at the depth of trance you can achieve, and the goals that you are able to reach.

Technically speaking, about 95% of the population is able to be hypnotized. You might be surprised to learn that the more intelligent and creative a person is, the more easily they find it to enter trance.

Difficulty in entering trance is often based on a person's misconceptions about hypnosis, prior negative experiences with hypnotism, the hypnotist's failure to find the method that works best for that person.

5. Is hypnosis covered by my insurance?

Hypnosis is not covered by insurance in Michigan.  However certain services such as smoking cessation,  weight management , and pain management might be eligible for reimbursement from a Health Savings Plan or Flexible Spending Plan. Check with your provider for information on coverage..

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