Welcome To HypnoChemo

HypnoChemo is a flexible program designed to assist cancer patients and their caregivers to navigate the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and all that that entails. While you will notice that there are 6 modules listed, each module can be several sessions long. There is no limit to the number of sessions you can request in this program.



Module 1 and 1b The Rant

This module allows the cancer patient to vent their emotions, accept their diagnosis, understand the concept of secondary gains, utilize Timeline Therapy, and learn Relaxation Hypnosis. In addition, the caregivers will also be encouraged to vent and accept their emotions, understand secondary gains, and take care of their needs. They also will learn Relaxation Hypnosis.

Module 2 Taking Control

In this module we will assist the patient by motivating them to take responsibility for their disease, understanding the the effect positivity has on their immune system, viewing the cancer as weak and disorganized and their immune system as strong and aggressive, building a defiant, powerful belief system that utiliezs a three pronged attack of lifestyle, mindset, and medicine. We will also introduce the client to their inner guru.

Module 3 Positive Treatment, Fear, and Pain Relief

This module focuses on helping the patient understand how fear increases perceived pain,  increasing understanding of the mind body connection and the power of placebo, using positive visualization to relieve pain and "welcoming" the cancer treatments to obtain better results.

Module 4 Reinforcement and Surveillance

For patients who have completed treatment and have been declared in remission, this  module focuses on congratulating the patient, allowing them to realize the powerful role they have played in their recovery, staying away from old stress situations and continuing with new behaviors and lifestyle, and understanding the power of surveillance and maintenance.

Module 5 Reoccurrance

Find out if this reoccurrance is a set back or terminal. Move back to Module 1 treating this as a whole new case. Has the patient reverted back to stresses in their life or stopped doing what they were doing to get better. We will  determine if the patient has just had enough and given up, and after assessing the situation and ongoing needs will advise as appropriate.

Module 6 Death and Acceptance

In this module you can expect to be challenged to take charge of the time they have left. You may rant here, and we will complete a Priority List, so that when death comes, as it does for all, they can cross that divide with peace