Services Offered

Smoking Cessation  Imagine that in less than 2 hours you can be a non-smoker for life.  When you schedule your smoking cessation session you will be provided a list of questions to answer and bring with you to the session. This allows us to customize your treatment and increase the success of the session. 

Weight Management Would you like to get rid of anywhere from 5 to 200 pounds or more? By  changing your relationship with food, examining your long established habits and beliefs about eating you can easily remove that excess weight without restricting what you eat, only how and why you eat it, and increasing your desire to exercise you may find yourself consistently losing up to 2 lbs. per week. Check out our Hypnotic Gastric Band program if you want a safe and effective alternative to bariatric surgery.

Pain Management Whether you are you are recovering from an illness or accident, or are suffering from long term chronic pain, our pain management program is just for you. Our subconscious mind controls our body and keeps us safe, so it is wonderfully responsive to the relief that hypnosis brings to the body. Linda has a general certification as a pain management specialist, and specialized training in Fibromyalgia and HypnoChemo.These programs include learning self hypnosis so you can continue to experience the same effects long after your session is finished.

Stress Management Don't let stress get the best of you. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to relax, or you want to experience a new way to deal with people and situations that cause you stress, we have the solution at Hypnotherapy Associates of Grand Rapids. Enjoy finding the quiet place in your mind where you can stop the hamster wheel of spinning thoughts. Or maybe you find that stress brings out the "evil twin" in you... our special How to Go From Stressed to Best program will teach you how to take control in stressful situations and respond rather than react.

Lifestyle Changes Whether you want to add healthy habits to your daily routine or eliminate bad habits from your life,  hypnosis helps you make those changes easily and quickly. We offer help with overcoming gambling addiction, alcohol abuse, phobias and to enhance your personal and professional growth.

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Back to School special Now through Sept 30, 2019

Get back in the swing of things with a 20% discount on all things back to school... test anxiety, information retention, and sports performances can all be improved with hypnosis. Help your student get a great start on the new school year  by booking your appointment today.